JET-LUBE KOPR-KOTE AEROSOL is a low-friction anti-seize lubricant manufactured from a combination of micro-size copper flakes and graphite, dispersed in a water-resistant grease and is fortified with anti-oxidants, plus rust and corrosion inhibitors. KOPR-KOTE Aerosol offers quick recovery of performance through the rapid evaporation of propellant and solvent.

  • Not classified as a marine pollutant
  • Lowers friction
  • Not affected by contraction, expansion, or vibration

Kopr-Kote® - Aerosol

High Temperature Anti-Seize Compound

Kopr-Kote TM


KOPR-KOTE provides a shield against metal-to-metal contact, preventing seizure and corrosion. It fills irregularities and imperfections and resists welding, hardening, or setting. KOPR-KOTE provides low friction and cushions impact and shock loads. Low shear between particles reduces stick-slip, allowing quick disassembly with minimum wrench torque. It will not squeeze out of the threads, gum up or wash off.




DOT Approved


Mil Spec



KOPR-KOTE is ideal for use on threaded connections, pump housings, flanges, studs, exhaust manifold bolts, compressor heads, autoclaves, lathe centers, etc.


Not recommended for oxygen service.


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JA10041 400 g aerosol -54°C to 982°C
-65° to 1800°F
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Also available in an Arctic Formulation

Also available in a Geothermal Formulation

Also available in an Industrial Formulation

Also available in an Oilfield Drill Collar and Tool Joint Formulation