Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. 1. Technical and Sales Support
    To assist the customer in choosing the most appropriate product for their needs, we can provide on request technical specifications, Material Safety Data Sheets, advice on equivalence to other products and application advice. Our services in this respect are advisory, and we cannot take legal or financial responsibilities in the unlikely event of an error.

  2. 2. Pricing
    Pricing is based on a 4 tier sliding scale band which corresponds to the quantity purchased. The prices are ex-works based on the actual day shipped, and do not include V.A.T. The price of pallets and carriage and any other ancillary charges will be shown as a separate item.

  3. 3. Freight Terms
    All shipments are quoted ex-works unless specific instructions are received in writing from the customer.

  4. 4. Minimum Order Value and Quantity
    The minimum order value is £350.00. Cases cannot be split and orders received will be rounded up or down accordingly; this will be shown on the order acknowledgement. For special orders, we may insist on supplying the full batch or securing a binding re-order agreement. Orders below £350.00 will incur £50.00 admin charge.

  5. 5. Placement of Order
    To prevent incorrect supply, the customer order needs to contain the following information prior to processing: Customer order reference, Quantity, Product Trade Name or Jet-lube Stock Code, Package Size and if applicable Type of Packing required. Special requirements must also be stated clearly; these include grease colour, when different from our normally supplied product, special base greases and if the product is to be used on a pump with a follower plate.

  6. 6. Order Acknowledgement
    Our order acknowledgement is the sole legal contractual document between the customer and supplier. The customer is urged to check the order acknowledgement carefully as it is the last opportunity to ensure that the supply will be correct. If any errors or omissions are found, you must notify us without delay as failure to do so will result in you incurring additional costs as set out in paragraph 15. Any amended order acknowledgments raised will become the legal and contractual document.

  7. 7. Third Party Deliveries
    Orders for shipment to third parties can be accepted and are subject to the same conditions as standard orders.

  8. 8. Cancellations and Variations
    Orders acknowledged by us cannot be cancelled or varied unless you have our consent and have received a new order acknowledgement. Cancellations and variations will always be on the terms that we are indemnified against all loss.

  9. 9. Payment Terms
    Several methods of payment are available and you will be advised of any special terms at the quotation stage, or when placing an order. Customers that have acquired credit terms with us are subject to payment within 30 days from the invoice date, unless agreed otherwise.

  10. 10. Packaging
    All products are shipped in non-refundable containers. Pallets may be returned to us for credit of the net charge, subject to inspection and condition.

  11. 11. Special Offers
    Pricing and availability of custom made and other special items are defined by quotation. Returns of special products are not permitted unless defective or damaged. Cancellations will be charged for according to the cost of the work already carried out.

  12. 12. Quality and Certification
    We supply from our UK and other factories using an ISO9001 quality system that includes full batch traceability. Certificates of Conformity are available on request at the time of order.

  13. 13. Timeliness
    We will make every effort to deliver in the time specified on the order acknowledgement. If circumstances beyond our control prevent us from achieving the specified date, we cannot accept liability for damages that may result from that delay.

  14. 14. Claims for Damages and Shortages
    For goods shipped by carriers that we have arranged, our responsibility for the condition of the product ceases upon delivery. We accept no liability for shipments arranged by the customer after the goods have been loaded onto the vehicle.

  15. 15. Returns Policy
    Please request the full details of our returns policy under separate cover. Notably, carriage for the return of correctly supplied goods is the responsibility of the customer and will be subject to a 20% restocking charge. No funds will be credited to the customer for goods found to be damaged on delivery or in such a manner that they cannot be resold at the original value.

  16. 16. Retention of Title
  17. All goods and services remain the property of Jet-Lube until paid for in full. We reserve the right to repossess unpaid goods if we deem necessary.

  18. 17. Late Payments
    We reserve the right to charge interest on any outstanding balance due to us at the rate of 2.0% per calendar month until the debt has been paid in full. If the customer does not pay the outstanding amount within the credit period set out in paragraph 9, the customer will lose any agreed discount (if applicable) and we will adjust the price of the goods accordingly.

  19. 18. Additional Expenses
    We reserve the right to pass on any and all additional expenses incurred by Jet-Lube (UK) Ltd in the pursuance of bad debt, including collection and legal costs.

  20. 19. Limited Warranty
  21. We make the Limited Warranty that at the date of delivery; the product or services shall be free from defects in our materials and workmanship. The Limited Warranty is expressly in lieu of any other expressed or implied warranties, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and of any other obligation on our part. The sole remedy for a breach of the Limited Warranty shall be the refund of the purchase price. All other liability is negated and disclaimed, and we shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages, injury or death.