JET-LUBE EASY CLEAN RIG WASH LIQUID is a concentrated and effective liquid detergent specially formulated to meet the heavy-duty equipment cleaning needs of the oilfield and heavy industry.

  • Extremely effective
  • Powerful, deep cleaning
  • Concentrated
  • Caustic & abrasion free
  • Protects equipment
  • Residue free
  • Economical to use
  • Pour point -15°C
  • Biodegradeable

Rig Wash Liquid

Liquid Heavy-Duty Detergent


A powerful, yet safe detergent, RIGWASH LIQUID emulsifies and makes oily and greasy grime soluble. The emulsion can be quickly washed away with water, leaving a clean surface with no residue.

It removes dirt, oil and grime from equipment, floors and clothes.

RIGWASH LIQUID is easy to use and will not harm work clothes, painted surfaces or rubber. The low alkalinity of the formulation makes RIGWASH LIQUID ideal for washing badly soiled clothing quickly and efficiently.
Rinse well before wearing.



RIGWASH LIQUID can be used neat or dilute to the desired strength.
It is formulated to effectively clean industrial equipment, engines, pumps all types of machinery, tanks, compressors, trucks, tools, floors, drives and any painted or metal surface.

RIGWASH LIQUID may be used in washing machines, high pressure and steam-cleaning equipment for cleaning badly soiled work clothes. RIGWASH LIQUID has a multitude of uses. Simply adjust the concentration of solution to give the desired performance.


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34°F to 210°F
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