JET-LUBE KOV'R-KOTE ARCTIC is the next logical step for
the new-generation premium compounds manufactured by
JET-LUBE®. Based on the same patented Polymer Chemistry used to develop POW’R-KOTE®, KOV’RKOTE ARCTIC is an economical, multifunctional, nonmetallic thread compound that provides frictional properties comparable to 50% zinc compounds.

  • Extreme low temp
  • Friction Factor 1.0 (API RP 7G)
  • NLGI 1
  • Non-Metallic
  • Formulated with Polymers
  • Rust and Corrosion additives
  • Exceeds API 5ct
  • Conforms to API RP 5A3
  • For use on shouldered and interference threads
  • Available in Thermal Grades
  • Replacement for 50% Zinc Tool Joint Compounds

Kov'r-Kote® Arctic

Tool Joint Compound



High strength polymers, graphite, and other naturally-occurring, extreme-pressure, and anti-wear additives lock together under pressure to resist galling, seizure, and downhole makeup. KOV'R-KOTE's exceptionally high film strength (1000 kgf measured by ASTM D-2596, 4-Ball EP Test) is among the highest in the industry for nonmetallic compounds. This makes it well suited for use on drill strings in any drilling environment and for bottom hole assemblies in most drilling situations.




NSF Registered H2
Reg. #127360


KOV’R-KOTE ARCTIC is designed for use on drill collars, drill pipe to protect the threads, and shouldered areas under high loads and extreme cold weather conditions. Specially formulated to stick to clod steel threads and allow the material to flow as the connections are engaged.


Not recommended for oxygen service.


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JA13793 20 kg pail -47°C to 138°C
-54°F to 300°F
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Also available in an Oilfield formulation