JET-LUBE GEAR GUARD is a paste-like viscous lubricant for reducing friction and wear. It is a heavy-duty compound, specially prepared to penetrate pores of metal, with exceptional "stay-put" characteristics.

It provides maximum lubrication and shock-load protection, reduces gear noise, lubricats, prevents scoring and welding of gear teeth. GEAR GUARD penetrates strands of wire rope and cable to replenish the original lubricant in the core itself.

  • Aerosol Dispersal
  • Color: Black
  • Specific gravity: 1.10
  • Density: 9.15
  • Dropping point: None
  • Friction reducing wear additive
  • Shock-load protection
  • Will not sling off the surface
  • Flows easily
  • “Stay-Put” characteristics
  • Molybdenum disulfide “Moly” formula


Paste Open Gear Lubricant



GEAR GUARD assures a smooth, long-lasting, economical and effective coating. Its black color guides proper coverage, allowing easy touch up. It does not have to be heated.


GEAR GUARD resists heat and pressure, will not wash or wear off because of weather, and will not break down after repeated workings. It contains rust-preventing ingredients and is moisture resistant, actually displacing water.



GEAR GUARD may be used on open gears, chains, cables, or wire ropes. It is ideal for fifth wheels of tractors and trucks, leaf springs, drive chains, screw threads, flexible couplings and die set leader pins. It can be used on racks and pinions, edges, roller gears, agitator drive and winches.

Application by aerosol spray lets it dry quickly, preventing dust contamination and dripping. thin-film lubrication reduces costly power loss through churning friction. This method substantially reduces application time and eliminates messy handling, brushes, paddles and waste. Contains non-fluorocarbon propellants.


Note: Do not spray directly onto hot surfaces.


This product contains trichloroethylene, which is BANNED in the EU unless the required exemption licence is in place.

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JA17941 340 g aerosol
-48°C to 149°C
-55°F to 500°F
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