JET-LUBE FOOD GRADE SILICONE is an excellent lubricant for use on processing equipment in all types of food and food-related industries where incidental food contact may occur. FOOD GRADE SILICONE stops sticking, squeaking and binding of moving parts. It also acts as an excellent release agent that leaves a clear, moisture resistant, non-staining film.

  • NSF H-1 Authorised
  • Non toxic
  • Safe on plastics
  • Non staining
  • Colourless/Odourless
  • Excellent release agent

Food Grade Silicone

Food Grad Silicone


A silicone spray in an aerosol, stops sticking, squeaking and binding of moving parts. Will not melt, freeze or become rancid.




NSF Registered H1
Reg. #137548


CFIA Approved


FDA- CFR-21,
Part 178.3570


Use on all food processing equipment where food contact may occur such as chutes, guides, conveyors, bottling machinery, slicers, ovens, freezers, knives, saws, etc.


As a light duty silicone spray for applications needing a greaseless non-staining lubricant, with greaseless lubricant capablities


Note: Do not spray directly onto hot surfaces.



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JA50641 340 g aerosol -20°C to 200°C
0°F to 390°F
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