JET-LUBE EZY-TURN #22 Gate Valve Sealant & Body Filler Lubricant is a premium sealant formulated from a unique blend of synthetic and vegetable based oils for use in expanding gate type valves. The ideal sealant for service applications involving gases, distillates, dilute acids, and steam. EZY-TURN #22 contains no solid fillers that could disrupt the sealing film. Although designed for expanding gate-type valves, EZY-TURN #22 is used effectively on many other valve types.

  • Non toxic
  • Vegetable & Synthetic Base
  • Non Hazardous
  • Water Resistant
  • No Solid Fillers
  • Hydrocarbon Resistant
  • Pumpable

Ezy-Turn™ #22

Gate Valve Sealant & Body Filler Lubricant

Ezy Turn 22


EZY-TURN #22 provides optimum sealability, lubricity and torque reduction while being hydrocarbon and water resistant. It is easily injectable into the valve body using a high pressure lubricator.


Oilfield: EZY-TURN #22 has been formulated for use in production oilfield situations (Christmas trees, line valves) where a variety of service conditions may be encountered. This is a premium product and should be used where solid fillers mandated in the 'peanut butter' type sealants are not wanted. It is ideal for use in gaseous services.

Industrial and Marine: EZY-TURN #22 is also recommended for gate valve applications requiring resistance to hydrocarbon or hydrocarbon/water mixtures.


Note: Not for use with oxygen or strong oxidizers.


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-46°C to 149°C
-50°F to 300°F
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