JET-LUBE EZY-TURN #2 is a general purpose gate valve sealant for use where hydrocarbon resistance is important. This clear, amber lubricant is formulated from a blend of vegetable oils that are both chemically stable and naturally corrosion resistant. In addition EZY-TURN #2 contains an additive to reduce or inhibit the harmful affects of H2S and an inhibitor to protect against rust. EZY-TURN #2 contains no solid fillers and is easily pumped with a high pressure lubricator at temperatures as low as -18°C (0°F).

Ezy-Turn #2™

General Purpose Gate Valve Sealant

Ezy Turn 2

EZY-TURN #2 will seal against leakage and protect precision gate valves from scoring, galling and corrosion. Extremely resistant to water, EZY-TURN #2 is the product of choice for general industrial and oilfield use.




Oilfield:Production applications where a wide variety of services such as crude/salt water, gas/dilute acid and other mixtures are encountered.


Industrial: Valve sealant applications in chemical plants, refineries, power plants, etc.


Marine: All gate valve sealant applciations.


Note: Not for use with oxygen or strong oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide or sulfuric acid.


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400 g cartridge
4.5 kg pail
16 kg pail
50 kg keg
j stick
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-18°C to 235°C
0°F to 450°F
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