Jet-Lube has led the way in the development of environmentally-acceptable lubricants, sealants, and related specialty products.

After years of reformulation and testing, Jet-Lube now offers industries around the world a complete line of environmentally-acceptable products that exceed industry standards and meet Jet-Lube's own high-performance criteria.




ECF - Environmental Compound Formula


Alco EP™ ECF - Yellow/"E"-Rated Extreme-Service Multipurpose Grease Eco-Certified Products

Jacking System Grease ECF - Yellow/"E"-Rated Gear GreaseEco-Certified Products

Seal-Guard ECF - Yellow/"E"-Rated Thread Compound for High-Chrome & High-Nickel Alloys Eco-Certified Products

NCS-30 ECF - Premium Yellow/"E"-Rated Thread CompoundEco-Certified Products

Run-N-Seal ECF - Yellow/"E"-Rated Nonmetallic Thread Sealing Compound Eco-Certified Products

Wire Line Lubricant ECF - Yellow/"E"-Rated Nonconductive Lubricant Eco-Certified Products