Downhole, Stringline or Power Tongs - Jet-Lube has the Greases, Lubricants and Thread Sealants to get the job done and keep the system operating at peak performance.




Drilling & Completion Compounds


Copper Based


Jet-Lube #21 Oilfield - Drill Pipe Compound

Jet-Lube Extreme® - Mud-Resistant Tool Joint & Drill Collar Compound

Kopr-Kote Arctic - Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compound

Kopr-Kote Geothermal - Geothermal Drill Collar/Tool Joint

Kopr-Kote Oilfield - Drill Collar and Joint Compoumd


Nonmetallic Based


HPHT - High Pressure, HighTemperature Thread Compound

Kov'r-Kote Arctic - Arctic Metal-Free Compound for Drill Strings & Tubulars

Kov'r-Kote - Metal-Free Compound for Drill Strings & Tubulars

NCS-30 Oilfield - Thread Compound